The TShirts are Here! $10 each.

Have a few 3x, 4x and 5x at $12 each. If interested Paypal or send check with size and we will get delivered to you.

If entire team orders you get $1.00 off each shirt!

Contact Kelly with questions! 717.497.5130


Hello Keystone TAP Players;
 (and potential players)
This website is updated on a regular basis to provide you the latest information on TAP and Keystone TAPs  daily  operations.
24 Hours, 7 Days a Week - This website is available.

Our commitment is to serving the player in the Heart of PA and the Soul of MD!

Welcome and Enjoy !


Hope everyone had a awesome summer and is ready for TAP NATIONALS IN CHARLESTON!!!
We've partnered up with ULTIMATE TEAM GEAR and they have designed a custom TAP Jersey for us. We are going to do a pre sale starting today 9/14 thru 9/23

This is how it's going to work, Contact your local TAP Operator and place your order. Cost is $65.00. You must give payment with the order,

Pick up will be at NATIONALS and the rest will be mailed out the following week. Don't miss out on this design it is EXCLUSIVE FOR 2016 TAP NATIONALS.

Final Standings

Final Standings are in! Click Your Section for more info!

Local Bar Owners

Check out the Keystone TAP Facebook page for photos! Add your photos as well! We love to see everyone shooting at their weekly leagues!


TAP Mobile Phone App

For info on downloading and using the TAP Mobile Phone App click below!

Do you have a pool table? Are you looking for business on one of your slow nights? Contact Kelly to find out how you can get help start a team for your area! They will be based out of your bar / establishment, driving in new and repeat customers every week which can add to your sales!

Welcome, all.