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What Are the Benefits of Playing Keystone TAP...

How Do You Qualify for Events?

How Do You Keep Score for 8 Ball?

Email all score sheets to


Do you have a new team that wants to play?  Does your team want to come back next session and play?

Please complete the TEAM REGISTRATION FORM, save to your computer, and email it to

Are you a new member, or presently a member that wants to renew your membership?

This Membership Application can be printed off and sent in with your $20.00 per year membership fee.
Ran out of Score Sheets? 

Need Envelopes to send in your money and or score sheets?  Email Kelly at
All Envelopes are Pre-printed, but if you are in a bind and want to make one up, send to...
P.O. Box 368

206 Allegheny Street,

Dauphin, PA 17018

Score Sheets can be faxed!

Monday through Sunday, every day, 24 hours a day

Toll Free: 1-888-273-8780.                 

Want to turn in a score sheet, via email? 

See below in Excel format.  Open, Complete, Save and email to scoresheet@keystonetap.com

Keep score at your match with a laptop or notebook and it totals everything up for you!

Keystone TAP uses Office Max Impress for all it's printing needs

Thank you to Keystone TAP player Scott Minnich and his staff at Cumberland Printing for all of the years of being our printer.