The dictionary definition of a captain is "One at the head or in command; a chief; leader".

I have been blessed with those in charge, leading our teams.  I depend on these ladies and gents so much, words can't even express it.

Good Captains to me, are those that can communicate with their team and me, in a positive manner.  Are informative and advise their players of the new things going on in TAP and help promote TAP.  They make sure their team knows the information I want passed along to them.  They can lead a team to victory, but if they are not victorious help them keep it in prospective.  They can get feedback from their players and let me know about it.  They make sure all paperwork, dues/fees and score sheets are turned in by their deadlines.  They build a commoradery with their team mates, help them improve their game skills, coach them, and work on their strategy.  They NEVER promote manipulation of the system, otherwise known as sandbagging.

Here are the captains, that help me lead Keystone TAP into a positive and bright future.

Captains do NOT pay for their yearly membership dues, Keystone TAP pays it for them in appreciation for their loyalty, hard work and support.

CAPTAINS PACKET - Click Here For All You Need to Know !


Upper Dauphin 8 Ball Division
Jay Miller
Bob Erdman
Brett Minier
Duane Spotts
Barry Hawke
Robert Martz
Tom Dauberman
Tige Carl
Bob Shutt
Linda Gonder

Upper Dauphin 9 Ball Division
Kevin Sgrignoli
Delores Miller
Kurt Gonder
Jason Etzweiler

Shamokin / Northumberland Division
John Ritzman
Jason Bogetti
Bob Palovich
Chris Guinther
Mike Chapman Jr.
Jonathan Kranzel

Perry 8 Ball Division
Eric Kennedy
Rusty Wheeler
John Walak
Kathy Blosser
Carol Simpson
Barry Morris
Kurt Gonder
Phil Demuro

Perry 9 Ball Division
Dawn Willow
Donna Thomas
Phyllis Reese
Joe Lahr
Jim Boone
Carol Simpson

9 Ball Harrisburg Pool Halls

Lycoming Division
Tom Rishel
John Ranck
Lisa Williams
Seth Harris

Lebanon Division
Jose Cruz
James Muzzy
Chris Beard
David Stamm
Mike Hitz
Brett Lentz

Gettysburg Division
Frank Plank
Scott Denike
Chris Weaver
Shawn Myers

Hanover Division
Jack Chronister
Shawn Shive
Clarence Spurlock
Dave Olmsted

Dauphin / Cumberland Monday Division
Matt Lower
Lamont Maddux
Kevin Shutt
Kevin Dodson
Terry Crow
Jeremy Kerlin
Jared Yohn
Lawerence Proctor
Jeff Johnson

Dauphin / Cumberland Tuesday Division
John Walak
Winston Beshore
Kevin Marroquinn
Delmar Madden
Becky Ballent
Brian Crow
Scott Minnich

Schuylkill Division
Greg Spitler
Donald Smith
Jason Bensinger
Kyle Newman
Billy Kohr
David Fitting
Serena Winters
Joe Krammes

Schuylkill South Division
Dan Spatz
Charlie Gallagher
Jim Yost
Ron Anthony
Mike Sayer
Kevin Pike
Anthony Castaneda

Schuylkill 9 Ball Division
Ray Gradwell
John Morrison
Robin Reiley - Hostler
Kyle Newman

Franklin Division
Robert Worthington
Ken KuhnJr
James Corbert
John Devor
Mike Piper
Jon Mundock
Matt Galloway
Mike Shields
Donny Collins
Justin Becker

Bobby D'S- Waynesboro Division
Bobby Davis
Chad Basore
Dave Kustaborder
Lee Fewell

Champions - Frederick MD. Division
Shawn Warner
Pam Oves
Ronald Namendorf
Sean Connelly
Barry Wiles

Lancaster Monday Division
Belinda George
Brigitte Wiker
Kevin Landis
Jim Hammond
John Kohler Jr.
J.R. Barron
Katrina Grunow
Sue Ann Snodgrass
Dick Kreider
Scot Sherbine
Mark Miller
Matt Harnish
Joe Coover

Lancaster Tuesday Division
Chris Reigel
Kevin Englert
John Fannin
Hoyt Roark
Sean Banzhof
Brad Shultz
Casandra Hess
Edwin Dejesus

MT. Carmel Division
Mike Chapman Jr.
Robbie Merrideth
Sean Paul

Selinsgrove-Sunbury 8 Ball Division
Marlitta Clark
Rhoda Auman
Charlie Aikey
Linda Labrec

Selinsgrove - Sunbury 9 Ball Division
Terry Kratzer
Megan Kinney
Jared Riches
Albert Snyder
Mike Broscious
John Kinney

Fulton Division 
Scotty Gordon
Tom King
Harry Grace
Tiffany Sowers
Dwayne Lynch
Angie Lininger
Harold Kendall III
Josh McCloskey
Glenn Snyder

Lancaster 9 Ball Division
Shara Stetler
Andrew Young
Jeremy Kerlin
Mike Rankin

Williamsport Division
Earl Finzel
Tom Rishel
Nate Lukashuanas
Brad Johnson

Kaptains - Here is some information you will need regarding Payment, Stats and Handicaps, Completing and Turning In Scoresheets.  NOTE: Beginning with the Summer 2007 Session there will be a $5.00 charge for each score sheet that is turned in later than 48 hours after you have played your match. 
Also, after 2 weeks there is a $5.00 per week charge for each week weekly dues are not paid.  Weekly fees should not be held longer than 2 weeks after a match has been played.

Kaptains Page

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