2010 8 Ball Winners
Las Vegas, NV
16 Balls
Burnin Cues
Tiffany's II

2010 9 Ball Winner
Eville VFW

2009 8 Ball Winners
North Charleston, SC
Knights of Columbus
Club Med
Big Dogs

2009 9 Ball Winner

2008 8 Ball Winners
Orlando, FL
Maennerchor Meatheads
16 Balls
Eagles Pride

2008 9 Ball Winner
Best 8 in 9

2007 8 Ball Winners
Myrtle Beach, SC
2007 9 Ball Winners

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Keystone Klassic

Teams who are eligable for the Keystone Klassic:

  • Must have played at least 6 matches between April 1st and the Klassic
  • Must be on a active roster
  • Must have at least 6 matches in 16 weeks prior to the Nationals Deadline
  • Must let us know you are coming between August 1st and August 28th
  • By August 1st - $50.00 per spot
  • After August 1st - $65.00 per spot
  • Top 2 in each bracket will be winning trips

9 Ball Keystone Klassic Information:
The 9 Ball Keystone Klassic for 2015 will be held at Hummels Wharf Fire Company  Sept. ? , 2015
9 ball Keystone Klassic Rosters and Handicaps
9 Ball Keystone Klassic Bracket
To see Rosters and Handicaps go into Standings on  Poolnet under Keystone TAP 1 Lic.# 221 and go under  9 Ball Keystone Klassic

Qualifying Spots were earned by the teams who received or are receiving titleholders spots in Summer 2014, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, in each of their divisions.

The 8 Ball Keystone Klassic for 2015 will be held at The Lancaster Host
August 28, 29, 30 - 2015 For Nashville,Tennessee Nationals.
Players must support their hotel events.  If an event is held at a hotel and you are staying, you must stay at the hotel contract was negotiated with.  Rate is for Single and Double Bed Rooms.
Anyone who is not supporting the event, will be removed from the event.  This is now referred to as Stay to Play ! 
You cannot enjoy the Expo Center and the Hotel Amenities and Not Stay At That Hotel.  No outside Food and Beverage can be brought into the Expo Center.  Again, you do not walk into a Bar with Fast Food and Alcohol, You cannot at the Expo Center either.Not only is it morally wrong, it is against hotel policies and laws they are governed by.

Previous Winners

2013 8 Ball Winners
Chicago, IL
Tommys Williamsport
Millersburg Moose
Marysville Moose - DCT
Sunset Hustlers
Gettysburg Eagles 16 Balls
Duncannon Legion

2013 9 Ball Winner

2012 8 Ball Winners
North Charleston, SC
East End Fire Co.
Rusty's Sportsmans Inn
Tommys Lycoming West
Gettysburg Eagles 16 Balls
Club 320

2012 9 Ball Winners
Smokin 9's

2011 8 Ball Winners
Las Vegas, NV
16 Balls
Rusty's Sportsmans Inn
Tommy's Sports Bar

2011 9 Ball Winners
Smokin 9's