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Keystone TAP, LLC  1352 Troup Valley Road, Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA 17853  Phone 570-539-8518

Keystone TAP is owned and operated by Kelly Senior, of Halifax, PA.  

"I want to provide to you the players, a fun, awarding, fair, sportsmanlike environment to take your billiards game to the next level."  "If you play for a league and want to try something new, contact me.  Let me show you how we provide more to the amateur player in PA and MD than any other league."
"I have been running pool leagues and tournaments for more than 15 years, probably more but I don't want to date myself."  "TAP offers the most opportunities locally to win cash, prizes and trips, than any other sanctioned league that I know of."

Presently, we have 21 divisions, 8 ball and 9 ball combined.  Join the over 1200 players that play in Keystone TAP.

Keystone TAP is ranked the largest TAP league in the TAP umbrella of licensees, private owners and operators of leagues in the USA and Canada. 

Contact me by calling the Keystone TAP Office at 717.921.2334 or emailing kelly@keystonetap.com.  We will be more than happy to explain how we operate here in the Heart of PA & Soul of MD.. We look forward to signing you up.

"I am very excited about this endeavor. Keystone TAP has grown from 33 teams when we started in May 2007 to the present 160 + teams today." 

Let me show you how you can increase your business as a bar/tavern owner or club manager, not only in food and beverage sales, but in memberships to your club.
If you want to know more about TAP and are located in one of these counties, send me an email for more information, or to set up an appointment to meet, I will travel to your location.  Contact me at kelly@keystonetap.com

About Keystone TAP

TAP, LLC was founded in 1989 by Loyd Schonter.   In 2009 we celebrated 20 years in the pool league industry!!  Pool Net was born in 2007!

TAP offers a way for pool players across the USA and CANADA to take their billiards / pool game to the next level.  We may not be the biggest, but we are the best !!

No slop, more chances to win your money back locally, and Keystone TAP offers one of the nicest titleholder events in the country. Not once, not twice, but 3 times a year.

Licensees / League Operators own and operate leagues for certain counties in each state and providence.

Players pay a yearly membership, and weekly fee when they play.  Winning teams go to titleholder events, after each 16 week session.  There are three sessions per year, and three titleholders per year.

Qualifiers are held for individuals and teams to go to the NATIONAL event held every year in November.

TAP also offers its own "Rally in the Valley" Dream Team event every March, in conjunction with Allen Hopkins' Super Billiard Expo.  

Handicaps are developed and maintained, based upon the players playing ability as reported on their weekly score sheets.  As score sheets are entered, the Handicap is adjusted by the system.  Stats and Reports are created on a weekly basis by the system providing to the player and teams their stats for the following weeks play.  Operators cannot adjust handicaps.

Additional information about TAP, can be obtained on our national website www.tapleague.com, which is being modified and changed daily to provide the licensees and players up to date information. 

KEYSTONE TAP is the League serving Lycoming, Northumberland,  Union, Snyder, Perry,  Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Lancaster, Lebanon  and Schuylkill counties located in the Heart of PA.  (Originally starting as LIC # 221 and then adding LIC #90 and 187 who became a part of the league in January 2008.) Added in Sept. 09 Franklin County, PA and Frederick & Washington Counties located in the Soul of MD.

If you are interested in more details contact the Owner/Operator Kelly Senior, or contact your local league director.  Please see the Key Contact page for their contact information.

About TAP