Rule books are distributed to each team, however you can view the rules online.  The TAP rule book was revised and the most current version was distributed at each divisional meeting.  9 Ball Rule Books are now a part of the printed 8 ball rule book.  Simply turn it around and your 9 ball rules are there for your convenience as well.

Keystone TAP does not allow 2  "7"  Handicap Skill Level players to play in the same round for week to week play, at titleholders or at the Keystone TAP.  2 "7" Handicap Skill players can play on the same team just not in the same match and or round.  If they win a trip to Nationals, they can play together in the same round.  Dream Teams for Rally in the Valley may have 2 "7" Skill players on them and play in the same round.

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10 Ball Rule Book

Scotch Doubles Rule Book

9 Ball Teams
Please Print the Universal Score Keeping Guide For Your Captains Book !!!

New Score sheets are being printed with the Keystone TAP Logo

9 Ball Universal Score Keeping Guide
9 Ball Universal Score sheet

Keystone TAP does NOT have By-Laws.  The captain information page and qualifications are to clarify the TAP Rules and to advise the players in Keystone TAP what our administrative rules are for week to week play.  Keystone TAP Tournament Rules are posted below. 

Keystone TAP 8 Ball & 9 Ball Tournament Qualifications and Formats

8 Ball Universal Score Keeping Guide

Keystone TAP Tournament Rules, 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Titleholders and Keystone Klassic

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